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Project Chicken Soup
P.O. Box 480241
Los Angeles, California 90048
(310) 836-5402

Project Chicken Soup Volunteer Information

Volunteers are Project Chicken Soup's life blood.  We come in all shapes, colors and sizes; from age 5 to 89.  The personal contact and commitment of our volunteers is what gives Project Chicken Soup the unique impact it has on the community.  These same characteristics make the time spent personally rewarding and meaningful for all of us.

Numerous opportunities exist at Project Chicken Soup to contribute to our goal of providing nechama (comfort.)  Here are the main groupings:

  1. Volunteer for our Sunday cook and delivery activities. If you would like to volunteer, please notify us by Wednesday of the preceding week – either by E-Mail or by phone.  Please check out the appropriate rules below before volunteering: 

  2. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities for the plethora of other tasks we face.  Please contact us to express your interests and discuss opportunities. We have some great ideas for Mitzvah projects!

  3. Groups are also welcome; See the  Volunteer Group Coordinator page.

  4. Finally, Project Chicken Soup is a wonderful place for youth to earn Community Service Hours.  Our Kitchen and Delivery Supervisors will be happy to confirm all hours worked.

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