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Project Chicken Soup Bar/Bat Mitzvah Project Ideas

Looking to do a Mitzvah project for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and a great tzedakah project that can help people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles?

Project Chicken Soup will be happy to partner with you in helping you arrange a meaningful Bar or Bat Mitzvah project.

Project Ideas

Donate Centerpieces: Fill baskets with non-perishable kosher food items and use them for centerpieces after your Bar/Bat Mitzvah after the party, donate the food to Project Chicken Soup for the clients.

Sponsor a Project Chicken Soup Cooking Day: Make a donation to cover the cost of one of our cooking days. That day the cooking will be done in honor of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Cook With Family & Friends: Come to Project Chicken Soup on Sunday and cook with a group of your family and friends for the clients.

Organize a Food Drive: Work with your Synagogue or school and collect non-perishable kosher food items for Project Chicken Soup’s clients.

Project Chicken Soup can help you customize a Mitzvah project that will work for you and your family. Please call the Project Chicken Soup office at (310) 836-5402 or email us if you are interested in any of the ideas listed above, or have any new ideas we can help to fulfill.

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